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Just 50% of PCB Prototypes Succeed in the First Attempt, at VE it is 80%

The average success rate of PCB prototypes is really low in the industry, which results in unintended loss of time, money, and most importantly, opportunity cost. When you hire an embedded system engineer from VE, you get access to 2500+verified and tested PCB components and footprints, which saves a lot of time in prototype development and the associated rework with it. In addition, you get an opportunity to work with skilled embedded engineers who have a solid understanding of embedded system solutions and design processes.

Thanks to their rich experience and versatility at work, the experts at VE collectively make it one of the most effective embedded systems companies in India. They follow a highly streamlined embedded system development process, which helps you shorten the overall product development lifecycle. All of this significantly increases the probability of the success of PCB prototypes. To put it simply, the high ‘strike-rate’ makes VE a clear top choice when it comes to embedded systems companies in Pakistan.

VE’s Embedded Design & Development Services

Virtual Employee’s Embedded development team has extensive expertise in every aspect of embedded system design and development, ranging from requirement gathering, writing project architecture and design specifications, creating 3D simulations of PCB layout and design, writing firmware and software codes to the final project integration, all of which is done in one team and under one roof.

Our embedded design and development outsourcing services include the following:

Embedded Architect/ Manager

Hire a highly experienced embedded architect and manager for handling your project. You get:

  • 10+ years of experience in system architecture
  • A strong troubleshooting expert
  • End-to-end solutions in project development

Circuit and PCB Design

Circuit and PCB design is an extremely complex task, which requires a high level of expertise. Outsourcing Circuit & PCB design to VE, which is among the few embedded system companies in India specializing in this service, offers you the following benefits:

  • Access to sophisticated simulators such as Multisim, Tina or LTSpiceIV.
  • Experience in the use of CAD tools such as Altium, Eagle, Diptrace, Orcad and more for 3D design and hardware testing.
  • Opportunity to hire highly expert embedded system engineers as well as project manager.

Embedded Software and Firmware

Hire full-stack embedded software and firmware engineers with in-depth experience in all aspects of embedded software and firmware development at 70% less cost. The benefits of hiring our virtual employees include:

  • Experience in the use of microcontroller tools such as XMOS, PIC,AVR,ARM,PSOC04 and more
  • Access to energy and run time-efficient codes
  • 40+ years of experience in embedded firmware development

Embedded Testing and Verification Engineer

You can save up to 50% development time by hiring dedicated embedded testing and verification engineers from Virtual Employee. The other benefits include:

  • Error-free system development
  • Expertise in the use of all the latest testing and verification tools
  • Model-based testing and loop simulation for control modules

4 Benefits You Won’t Find In Any Other Offshore Embedded System Company

Huge Database of Verified Components

An untested component might cause an entire board to crash, thereby resulting in loss of time and money With Virtual Employee, which is a top embedded systems company in India, you get a huge database of 2500+ tested & verified components and footprints, which ensures that your PCB board succeeds in the first attempt itself.

Handpick Highly Talented Resources

Are you struggling to hire experts in embedded hardware, software, firmware or architecture? At VE, you can handpick highly skilled resources for every embedded-related need, whether it’s design, footprint library, schematics/circuit, PCB, CAM and BOM processes for product manufacturing or Communications Protocol Stacks. Our project architects are proudly included as Co-Inventors in the US Patents filed and owned by our existing clients.

Unmatched Development Speed

On an average, your virtual employees convert 8 ideas into circuit and hardware (PCBs – Printed Circuit Board) per month, thereby producing 96 innovative and newly assembled PCBs every year without fail! That means, you can also launch your project much faster than your competitor and at one-fourth of the cost.

Huge Width and Depth in Skills

Whether it is PCB layout and design, library creation & management, firmware development or any other requirement, you can hire highly experienced and talented resources with a wide range of skills. You can hire dedicated embedded software engineers under one roof sans any hassle at one fourth of the cost in your country.

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