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Are you spending hours just answering emails? Stuck booking hotels or filling out expense reports? Social media posts eating up your workday? No time to focus on actual business growth plans or spending them with family; well then, it is time to give your workday a dramatic makeover.

Hire virtual assistant in India to delegate all your daily work distractions. Let your VAs cut your workload by up to 78% by handling not just your personal assistant errands but also by managing administrative responsibilities, data entry, bookkeeping & accounting, customer support and even your digital marketing tasks.

A dedicated virtual assistant is the perfect solution to those red flags that you may have unwittingly ignored – missing paperwork, unanswered emails, clients complaining of poor customer service or worse still, leaving you with bad reviews. Virtual Employee, with its team of virtual assistants in India, has helped many companies get things back on track.


You Have a Lot on Your Plate

Virtual Assistants Take the Burden off Your Shoulders

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Data Entry

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Customer Support

Content Writing

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

Travel Research


Microsoft Excel

Email Management

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Choose VE as your virtual assistant agency only after you have assessed our quality. You are free to continue with the chosen offshore virtual assistant or ask for a replacement, post the free trial period.

Rolling Monthly Contracts

Hire a cheap virtual assistant in India and enjoy flexibility, without having to commit to a long-term contract. Cancel anytime or roll over to the next month. Take your pick.

Value for Money

Pay to hire a virtual assistant but get to benefit from the expertise of a virtual assistant team, comprising 250+ experts. Get more bang for your buck with our personal virtual assistant services.


VE is among the few virtual assistant companies in India to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Also, we have strict NDAs and data security measures in place to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

Experienced Talent Pool

Our virtual assistant services are rendered by experts who have already undergone the necessary training. No more additional re-training costs. Save big on hiring virtual assistants.


Dual Supervision

A team lead supervises your remote virtual assistants, ensuring that there are no roadblocks. You are free to supervise the team, and ask for regular updates, thereby maximizing productivity.

Get Tomorrow’s Work Done Today

Shorten the distance to your finish line with India’s time zone advantage

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Get your work completed and delivered much, much ahead of the deadline.

Business Open 24×7

Your clients get round-the-clock service as the sun never ‘sets’ for your business

Robust Business Continuity Plan

Emergencies are taken care of as soon as they occur, thanks to your day-and-night Virtual Assistant here

Time is Money.
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