Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Virtual Assistants Pakistan is aware of unforeseen situations that may require changes or adjustments in the work procedures. We, therefore, have tried to keep our cancellation policy transparent and just, keeping in view the perception and self-esteem level of all the parties. You are requested to review our cancellation policy carefully to avoid any ambiguity in this regard.

VA Service Cancellation

We respect your well-being and time. We accept that there may sometimes appear a situation where you have to face scheduling problems or unanticipated interruptions during the assigned tasks. On such occasions, you are free to cancel the service from our virtual assistant by giving us a notice at least within two days of the assignment of work. You are required to write an email for cancellation to our customer support portal.

Payment Refund

Clients are eligible for a refund payment if the cancellation is made according to the agreed-upon conditions in the service agreement. If the cancellation of service is done within 2 days of task assignment or the client’s signup then he or she will get a 100% refund payment. The refund amount will be transferred to you within approximately a month of such cancellation.

Application of a Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee can be levied on the occurrence of certain situations. The purpose of charging this fee is to cover the overhead cost involved in processing this cancellation and for the reassignment of the tasks. The amount, incurrence or non-incurrence of the cancellation fees depends on the timeframe within which the client requests for a service cancellation. For example, if we receive a cancellation request from the client between the 2nd to 5th day of signup, then the client is liable to pay a cancellation fee that is equal to half the amount they paid in advance for the service, i.e., only 50% refund will be made. Likewise, cancellation request submission after 5 days of client signup will get no refund compensation.

Project-Based Cancellation

Virtual Assistants Pakistan has some project-based client contracts whose cancellation can differ from what is outlined above. Service cancellation for such projects depends upon the completion stage or type of the project. Clients are liable to pay a fee according to the nature of the cancellation.

Reschedule Task Assignment

We welcome our clients to make a rescheduling request owing to the unpredicted situation instead of cancelling the service. They must submit an email to our customer support portal as soon as possible to get an optimum rescheduling accommodation.

Modification in the Cancellation Policy

Virtual Assistants Pakistan, by acquiring the ownership, reserves the right to change the terms or requirements of this cancellation policy whenever needed. We are not liable to inform you before making such amendments and can post the updated version on the site immediately. You will get notified about the change by visiting our website. To remain compliant and updated with such modifications, you should check the cancellation policy page regularly.

Contact Us

For any questions or inquiries about this cancellation policy, you are welcome to contact us anytime without any hesitation. Our cooperative customer support team is readily available to help you by providing all the necessary clarifications about your concerns. We will be grateful to receive your 100% cooperation and indulgence.Top of Form



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