Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  1. Terms for Virtual Assistants Pakistan Website

You are welcome to visit the Virtual Assistants Pakistan website which incorporates the terms of service for its users. We have the authority to modify these conditions according to the recurring needs. By visiting our website, you are liable to follow the rules, laws or any policy applicable at the moment. If you, for any reason, do not accept the stated terms of condition, you are not allowed to access our website. The content used under this site is fully secured by the applicable law and copyright.

  1. Terminology Interpretation

A specific terminology is used while crafting the agreement, privacy policy and terms of service. You must understand the withstanding meaning of all clearly. Wherever the words “Your”, “You” or “Client” are written, that refers to the person or user accepting the conditions and visiting the site. The terms “Us”, “Our”, “Company”, “Ourselves” or “We” refer to us i.e., Virtual Assistants Pakistan. Where the word “Parties” or “Party” is mentioned, it signifies a collaborative statement of our company and the client.

  1. Cookies Management

Virtual Assistants Pakistan employs cookies for accessing its website. Users attempting to access the site are bound to accept all of it.

By incorporating cookies we mean to make the user experience better. Cookies help in retrieving the user’s data whenever he or she visits the site. Cookies help upgrade the website pages’ functionality for that particular client visited before.

  1. License Service

Virtual Assistants Pakistan reserves all the rights to the material and content used in the website. You can access this material for your own personal use or for any non-commercial activity rather than transferring it elsewhere. According to the license, neither you can attempt content modification or make commercial use of the material, nor can you display the content publicly. Likewise, you are prohibited from copyright removal.

If you are caught violating these licensing terms, you are instantly terminated by Virtual Assistants Pakistan from viewing the website material.

  1. Content Responsibility

Virtual Assistants Pakistan is not responsible and disclaims the responsibility for the material that appears on your or any linked website. According to your consent, you are bound to protect and guard our site from the claims that appear on your website. We make no warranty or accept any responsibility for the links that may be taken as defamatory, criminal action, or which breach, violate, or act as an activist of infringement or other abuse of any third-party websites.

  1. Rights Reservation for Links Removal

Any link you extend to our website shall be removed upon request. We have the authority to request you for the link’s removal which you are bound to remove immediately on the notice. Further, at any time we can amend the terms of service or any linking conditions that you are liable to follow in all cases.

If you find any abusive content or link on our website you can inform us and request for its removal at any time. By reserving the rights, we will consider your link-removing request but are not bound to respond to you promptly.

  1. Service Termination

Virtual Assistants Pakistan reserves the right to suspend your access to its website or terminate the service at once without notifying you if you attempt to breach the terms and conditions.

  1. Governing Law

The terms of service and policies we instigated are constituted and governed as stated by the law of Pakistan without deem to contradict the regulatory jurisdiction.

  1. Amendment in the Terms

We have the sole right to retain or modify the terms and conditions at any time or whenever required by displaying the changed material on our website without giving notice to the users. If you access our website after this amendment, then automatically your acceptance will be considered and you become liable to follow the new agreement.

If you have queries concerning these modifications, you can contact us at any time.

  1. Content Authenticity

Virtual Assistants Pakistan takes no responsibility for the authenticity or accuracy of the material posted on its website. Content may include errors or may be considered ambiguous. We may update our site whenever we find it obligatory but we cannot commit to surely act upon its upgradation.

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