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Hire the Top-Notch VA Project Manager Service from Pakistan

Approach a wide extent of project management and administrative support in Pakistan. Virtual Assistant Pakistan offers you a great opportunity to hire top-notch project managers who are masters in the field of event management and sales administration. Managing business processes and executive tasks is tiresome and crucial It takes not just time but also requires a lot of money for advising training sessions for advanced setups. Outsourcing project coordination specialists can be a great choice for beginners and huge organizations. VA Pakistan is your partner in dealing with simple to complex business administrative functions virtually.

We handle the technical side!

We will handle technical issues such as training, participation and access, platforms and systems.

Performance and key benefits

Our team leaders will monitor your VA's efforts and communicate with you to ensure your expectations are met.

1 Week Quick Update

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your VA, we will update you quickly and offer 1 week free VA service so that your new VA can be updated.

Our Efficient Virtual Project Manager Can Execute Several Project Management Roles

Streamline your project management functions and enhance the efficiency of your work practices with our talented virtual project managers. Starting from project planning to task scheduling or documentation, our VAs’ know well how to administer everything within time and in a smooth manner. They delve into extensive research to extract valuable data about making future propositions. We put forward workable insights for staying ahead of the curve. Virtual Assistant Pakistan offers its clients to leverage maximum working capability from the assigned expert VA to ensure the reorganization of their current business chores.  

Project Planning



What makes a great Project Manager Virtual Assistant?

Social Media

How much does a Project Manager Virtual Assistant cost?

Here is the average salary for hiring a local employee compared to a Virtual Assistant for the same role:

Role Example Local employee Virtual Assistant
Project Manager
$22,000 (save $69,000/yr)
Operations Manager
$22,000 (save $77,038/yr)

Work Experience

Project Management

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How do I hire a Lead Generation VA today?

Give A Buzz
Send us a summon that entails your VA requirement and the work process you need to be done. Our customer service is efficient enough to respond to you on time.
Personalized Meet-up Session
We give you a room to accept or reject the assigned VA through our systemized meet-up session. You have a right to VA scrutiny by critically interviewing him/her.
Give A Kick Start
On assurance that you are all set with the credentials and aptitude of the allotted online VA you can start with him/her. Our field-based virtual assistant courses are available to train your VA according to your process requirements.
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