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Recruiting a Virtual Assistant from Pakistan is Your Definite Getaway

Virtual staffing is being exercised at the peak in the current scenario. Without any doubt, Pakistan is going over the top. It comprises the cream of a talented and capable workforce related to different domains. Outsource your relevant virtual personal assistant with us. We are associated with a large group of multi-skilled Pakistani staff from various countries. For a reliability check, we have displayed detailed profiles of all our VAs along with their performance credentials. Now, instead of paying excessively to the local staff save up to a great extent from your annual budget by handing over your work to Pakistan’s proficient VA. We ensure to make the entire working environment secure and comfortable for you.

An Outstanding Merger of the Workforce With An Updated Mechanism

What We Want To Achieve

Virtual Assistants Pakistan has been established with a mission to make the business community flourish. Be it a simple small business setup or a large corporation, the functioning of all should be up to the mark. The Pakistani virtual team we have developed is the best fit for all the business sectors. We have cautiously employed those individuals who stood eligible to our set merits. SMEs are the most highlighted sphere in our service provision to assist them in getting the desired growth they deserve.

What We Acquire

The mechanism we behold, the infrastructure we work in and the optimum talent we acquire are the real driving forces towards business success. We abide by the international benchmark while providing virtual assistant services. Our VAs are able enough to cope with different challenges by applying an array of alternate solutions. This is what every business owner wants.

What Is Our Power

Virtual Assistants Pakistan bridges the gap between physical location and variant time zones of the countries by delivering business services through our dedicated virtual assistants in Pakistan. Our remote team is the perfect match for your business concerning on-time work delivery and exact fulfilment of requirements. Irrespective of the location, 24/7 customer support is a true help to the owners in terms of cost savings and instant solutions.

A Systematic 6-Step VA Recruitment Process

Virtual Assistants Pakistan withstand with a seamless recruiting of a deserving virtual staff to ensure quality performance from all ends. We encompass cautious screening and onboarding channels to connect the right individuals with the said job roles.

Step 1

Specify Job Requirements

The first step is very crucial for a VA selection in which you need to clearly define what you exactly want in VA i.e. qualification, skills, task responsibilities to handle, working time zone and communication method.

Step 2

Notify Talented Candidates

VAs’ are not always readily available as per the demands. The next step revolves around bringing into the knowledge of the professional pool about the job opening through various platforms.

Step 3

Candidates Screening

For us screening matters a lot. We start by scrutinizing the candidate’s capabilities regarding the job requirements by way of resume assessment, video conferencing for a suitability check and skills examination through problem-solving queries.

Step 4

Detailed Interview Session

After an initial scrutiny is an extensive interview meet-up. In this step, the candidate is examined based on real problem-handling scenarios. Further, it is checked whether he/she is adaptable to perform in any situation or not.

Step 5

Candidate Selection

Next to the thorough talent analysis, we move further by selecting the right employee for you based on his/her evaluation results and experience background. We try to match you with the finest service you require.

Step 6

Training and onboarding Arrangement

Our role doesn’t come to an end by delivering a VA to you but we also step into train that particular VA for making proper adjustments to the work procedures. Our initial training session, mentor supervision and feedback channel can support a smooth running VA performance.

Resolve your Business Inquirywith Our Customized Solutions

Bewildered by an uninformed ambiguous situation? No worries. Virtual Assistants Pakistan is a one-stop solution for all your perplexing queries. Our talented freelance virtual assistants try hard to make your business a big success by implementing consequential strategies. They have an absolute competence to deal valiantly in varied situations and provide personalized solutions accordingly. Connect to our platform through an easy request submission format and step forward towards a propelling business sphere.

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Our VAs Productivity Go High By Using Several Useful Project Management Tools

Slack is an important tool for organizing and streamlining the communication channels among the participants for a discussion on a particular topic or project. This tool helps the VAs avoid distractions and works like a virtual messenger that can add participants to the channel linked to the project under discussion.

Trello is known for its versatile nature in managing multiple projects at a time. By using this tool, our VAs’ perform efficiently in the fields of board creation and task organization. Also, they take part in high-end collaboration with team members. Through its spontaneous interface, it assigns tasks to virtual assistants in a hassle-free manner, along with setting deadlines for every project completion. 

Our virtual assistants track their productivity levels and time consumption patterns with the help of the Hubstaff tool. It supports managing huge VA teams in a wink of an eye. This has made the job of a VA in calculating the time spent on the performed tasks, observe performance levels, and generating a comprehensive work report. 

An all-inclusive productivity tracking software named “ClickUp” serves as an efficiency booster of virtual assistants. Our VAs’ find it easy to manage simple to complex projects, aligning their task-based documents, and making communication channels even faster. is another important tool in the field of project management. Using this software has made our VA team collaboration and task pursuits easier. It encompasses an instinctive feature of customization that streamlines the team’s performance, manages task assignments, and fixes task deadlines quickly.

A scheduling tool “Calendy” is also in great use of our VAs that helps them simplify the course of appointments and meetings. A VA can synchronize this tool with users’ calendars, eliminating the email correspondence barrier and optimising the business meeting schedules.

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