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Hire the Top-Notch VA Customer Service From Pakistan

A properly maintained customer support system matters a lot in the success of a business. Satisfied customers are fruitful for the prospects of the business. Hiring a customer support personnel can help uphold the company’s brand image in front of the people and strengthen the business-customer relationship in the long run. Virtual Assistant Pakistan is open to offer remote sales & customer support staff that can handle your bulk enquiries on the virtual network or social media, perform quick follow-ups on meetings or appointments, and reorganize your sales structure. Stay in touch with us to get a high-quality service.

We look after the technical stuff!

We’ll take charge of orientation, onboarding and technical aspects such as access, platforms & systems.

Performance & results matter

Our Team Leaders oversee your VA’s work and communication with you to make sure your expectations are met.

1 week free & fast replacement

If for any reason you’re not happy with your VA, we’ll find you a new replacement fast and include 1 week of free VA Service to allow your new VA to settle in.

Our Customer Service Virtual Assistant Undergoes a Multiplicity of Tasks

 A customer service support VA can perform on the front of your business. They strive hard to make your customer interactions valuable and paying. By getting closer to the customer response, a VA can make amendments to the performance to make it more appealing for them and to ensure a good working experience between the company and the client. VA Pakistan is proud to have an exceptional team of sales and customer support representatives who have always excelled in providing outstanding support service. Their inquiry handling, issue resolution and customer dealing are unparalleled to any other. We aim to convert each customer interaction into a positive impression. Following are the areas of our VA’s performance running successfully. 

Customer Service

Customer Success Management

Qualities of Our Capable Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Social Media

Low-cost Customer Services Compared to Local Services

Virtual Assistants Pakistan connects you with an experienced Customer Support VA from Pakistan that can cost you much less when compared to the rate of a service provider hired locally. Here is a sheer comparison of the cost differences concerning the per annum salary of a VA and a local employee. Furthermore, hiring a VA also saves you from paying additional overhead and also from the costs of new recruitments.

Role Example Local employee Virtual Assistant
Customer Success Manager
$25,000 (save $63,000/yr)
Customer Service Assistant
$25,000 (save $71,038/yr)

Work Experience

Customer Support



Digital Marketing

Social Media Support

How do I hire a CS Virtual Assistant today?

Give A Buzz
Send us a summon that entails your VA requirement and the work process you need to be done. Our customer service is efficient enough to respond to you on time.
Personalized Meet-up Session
We give you a room to accept or reject the assigned VA through our systemized meet-up session. You have a right to VA scrutiny by critically interviewing him/her.
Give A Kick Start
On assurance that you are all set with the credentials and aptitude of the allotted online VA you can start with him/her. Our field-based virtual assistant courses are available to train your VA according to your process requirements.
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