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Medical Process Outsourcing

Medical Process Outsourcing

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Why Outsource Medical Process Services to Pakistan

Leave the backbreaking paperwork to affordable offshore medical process expert

Pakistan has emerged as a major hub for outsourcing medical services. You can outsource everything, from the simple to the complex, thanks to its educated, tech-savvy, English-speaking workforce. Medical process management, including billing, coding, claims, insurance verification, revenue cycle management etc. is a tedious and time-consuming process for healthcare providers who need to focus on in-house patient care and medical emergencies. With new and evolving industry reforms & regulations and healthcare IT innovations, medical management has become even more complex. That is why medical business process outsourcing to India has gained so much popularity.

The Pakistan IT infrastructure is robust, updated and is well suited to handle the global workload of healthcare business process services, thanks also to its medical process expert professionals who are on par with international standards. Well-established healthcare outsourcing companies in Pakistan like Virtual Employee offer dedicated remote medical process experts from its large talent pool of experienced medical practitioners, medical coders, radiologists, medical billing experts and medical transcriptionists for the entire spectrum of healthcare business process services. Our dedicated medical process experts bring sound knowledge of healthcare IT and a sharp business focus coupled with awareness of healthcare regulations to deliver value-added medical process outsourcing services to our global clients including medical practitioners, hospitals, and insurance payers, etc. Gain a competitive edge with VE’s scalable medical support solutions that offers robust work methodology and processes to its worldwide clients.

Our global healthcare clientele include solo physicians, hospitals and medical facilities, multiple insurance payers, pharmaceutical companies etc. Clinical services outsourcing to Pakistan can massively help in optimizing the staff requirements of your healthcare facilities. Resource and money-guzzling factors such as the fluctuating peaks and lows of the healthcare industry, make outsourcing medical processes one of the smartest business moves. You get access to trained staff as and when you need, helping you maintain a robust bottom-line. We offer medical-clinical content analysis, market assessment, and services like teleradiology, imaging enhancement, and medical animation etc.

Our expert and experienced medical process professionals help healthcare providers achieve enhanced growth and ROI by successfully coping with issues such as statutory regulations, HIPAA regulations, deficient skill-sets for reports and medical content analytics, ineffective in-house procedures in billing and collections, and much more.

360° Medical Process Outsourcing Services

From medical processes to revenue cycle management, get them all here

Medical Billing Services

Essential to the operation of any practice or department, medical billing services have to be efficient and error-free. Medical billing outsourcing with VE can reduce costs and streamline the process.

Medical Coding Services

Our highly trained medical coding specialists help you achieve a seamless integration with your existing hardware and software, ensuring all crucial information is coded the right way to ensure consistency.

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Medical Data Entry Services

Now, unify all of your medical records, including medication records, surgical treatment records, clinical & healthcare records, tests or lab data records and much else, to eliminate duplication and other errors.

Medical Record Indexing

Medical records indexing is a key component of medical data storage and retrieval. It helps medical personnel locate the specific medical record in files quickly and easily. VE’s medical record indexing experts score on speed and accuracy.

Medical Image Enhancement

Medical image is becoming important in clinical applications. Medical image enhancement improves the clarity of images by removing blur and noise of an image, thereby enhancing the details of an image for better diagnosis.

Teleradiology Services

Teleradiology is becoming more and more in demand, as hospitals depend on accurate interpretation of medical images for fast TAT and timely solutions. Virtual Employee helps you hire teleradiology experts who excel in this.

Medical Transcription

Transcribe voice-recorded files dictated by physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners, such as medical reports, notes taken during a lecture, or other spoken material.

Insurance Verification

Accurate and timely information regarding insurance coverage, and determining whether a patient is able to pay for healthcare services is covered under the critical insurance verification task.

Medical Accounts Receivable

Hire experts in medical billing to keep a tab on all your medical accounts receivable invoices that will be sent out to insurance companies and patients for care rendered.

Software Used by Your Medical Process Experts at VA

VA’s medical professionals are well-versed with the latest healthcare software

Choose from Our 3 Easy Hiring Models

We have 3 flexible options for you to hire medical outsourcing experts

Dedicated Model

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Team Model

Hire a team of individuals with mixed medical process management skill sets, but pay for the equivalent of just one resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

Depending on the amount of work, you can go for an 8-hour/day, 4-hour/day or ad hoc medical process outsourcing work.

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